Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fast money Paid to Click Site!!

After another couple days of researching online for legit sites that pay out money and reward prizes, I came upon a great Paid to Click website! This site is called One might say, what exactly is is a site that allows advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers through the display of surf ads pages.

When a potential customer signs up to, this new member will be directed to a site of surf ads. This member will have the option to click on the website link. All the user has to do afterwards is to let the page load and have it up and running for at least 30 seconds. When the site is loaded, and has been opened for 30 seconds, the user will receive a green check on the left corner of the page, and will be rewarded $0.01 for the visit. Make note that you can only have one window open at a time. If a user tries to have two windows open, the amount earned will be forfeited and the user will get a red x mark on the left corner of the page.

When looking at surf ads, there are no limits on how many pages one user can visit per day. The only rule is, once the site is visited, the user cannot visit that site again to earn credit for the remainder of the day. After 24 hours, the member can visit more sites that are available.

Once a user accumulated at least $50.00 in their balance, they can request a withdrawal. Make note that a user must have a valid AlertPay account open to earn money. The website after receiving the request to withdraw money will deposit the money requested into the users AlertPay account. Another option to get paid out on is to have the money transferred to a YourBux prepaid credit card. There is nothing like having $50 at a clip to go and spend on anything you want that accepts credit cards! Wonderful concept indeed, especially in hard times like now with the economy. Make note those, if a user uses AlertPay, this site may charge a little fee to withdraw money.

The trick to earning money on this site is to get as many referrals as possible. One great option after earning money on this site is that a user can use this money earned to purchase additional referrals to earn money for them on the side. The more referrals you have the higher the payout ratio is and so forth.

One user can chose the option of becoming a standard member or a premium member. The standard member can only request to withdraw money if this user has accumulated at least $50.00 in his or her account balance. The premium member on the other hand can withdraw $10.00 from his or her account balance once earn. Also, if the premium member has a YourBux prepaid card, the user can request to withdraw money, only if the user has $20.00 accumulated.

Brief outlay:
- Standard Members - $0.01 per 30 seconds a surf ad page is opened. Can only withdraw once a $50.00 account balance is achieved.
- Premium Members - $0.0125 per 30 seconds a surf ad page is opened. Can only withdraw once a $10.00 account balance is achieved for AlertPay members. $20.00 for members that have a YourBux prepaid credit card.

Sounds like a great site to earn money with very little to do. All the user has to do is click the surf ad page link, have the window opened for 30 seconds, and get referrals. After this concept is applied, just sit back and watch the money come in!

Please let me know if you have any questions. Persistent surf page clicking and referrals will bring in lots of rewards and earnings!! Good luck!

**Interested members please add me as a referral member! Thanks!!**

Friday, April 17, 2009

Greetings Video Game & Survey Lovers!

Do you love to play video games or take surveys? I sure love to do that! The greatest thing of all that, how would you like to win money and prizes for playing games or taking surveys for about 15 minutes a day? With my knowledge and research expertise, I am going to share with you the sites that I ran upon that are legit and that promise to pay out not only prizes but cash.

Here is one site that I am actively playing to win cash and prizes:

1.) Inbox Dollars -

**Please add me as a referral when you sign up. Thank you!**

Explanation of the site in detail:

Inbox Dollars is a unique site. The site will credit your account $5.00 up front when you sign up. With having a legit email address, you will get sent paid emails to read per day. Each email will pay out $0.02 for reading the email and confirming that you have read the email. Certain days, I will receive about anywhere from 3-6 paid emails. When having an email account, make sure that the site is not moving your paid emails to the spam folder. Besides reading paid email, you can chose to take surveys. You can take as many surveys as possible, but if you will only get paid $0.50 per day for the surveys that you take. Take into account that you have to complete the survey to get credited $0.50 Complete a survey to earn $0.50 for about 5 minutes a day will get you about $15.00 in cash for a given month. Not too bad for just taking a survey for 5 minutes a day! If you become attached to the program and want earn more money, refer this site to other family members, friend, and colleagues. When you refer you can earn up to 10% of what your referral buddies make on a daily basis. Not too bad if you get 10 or more people taking one survey a day. You can also make money through playing games and from signing up for offers or purchasing items online. Once you rightfully earn your money, after earning $30.00 on your account, Inbox Dollars will give you the option to request a cash payout in the form of a check sent to your address for the amount of $30 or whatever is greater. You cannot withdraw any earnings until you hit the $30.00 mark! Once you hit the $30.00 mark, you will become a Gold member and will be eligible for more referral bonuses, weekly payments, double sweepstakes entries, and monthly offers. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Good luck and happy earnings. If has been a pleasure sharing this site with you.